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by reason of mental disease. dr. dysart agreed to be institutionalized until our experts decide he's no longer a danger to society. he must be insane-- he's the only one who wasn't in it for the money. where's detective goren? on the phone. don't ask.
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( wolf howling ) . >> i reacted. i came out and thinking of my children. >> and she had reason to be concerned. tonight at 9. shooting in oakland and a little girl gets caught right up in the middle of it. plus the men as that kept dozens of students away from the classes. only on abc 7 news. threat the parents now face from the school. >> also. fate of the calf condor. survived a major pesticide scare but can it survive the bullet? >> and comfort factor. catcher posey going to be with the team posey going to be with the team for a very long time.
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>> this is abc 7 news. >> it's happened again. tonight young child has been wounded as a result of gun violence in the east bay. sky 7 hd was over the scene of very active investigation. good evening i'm dan ashley. police tell us tonight that 10-year-old girl in east oakland was very lucky that she was not more seriously hurt by gunfire. we have pictures to show you just how close she came. you can see the scratches on her shoulder that broke her skin. authorities say the girl was hit by debris kicked up by bullets. now we were above the scene where the shooting happened. bullet casing littering the street. shots fired. shortly after 5 tonight near the corner of 82nd
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avenue and 'a' street. the victim grandmother heard them. >> 6 or 7 gun shots. real quick. and medley i just was saying to my grand children and other children around here and i ran out. >> nobody has been arrested. yesterday a one-year-old boy was hit in the neck by a bulle bullet. in richmond. as we reported to you. >> parents who kept the kids out of school because of the threat of impending murder spree on campus now face threat from the school district tonight. truancy threat. thomas has the story from pleasanton. >> sophomore here at foothill high school and mom kept him out of school the day the shooting spree was planned. the student had a proychbility i think they are probably bullied to the point where they don't know how to happen it and they just want to make sure they are heard and get attention. >>reporter: she picked her son up after track practice just didn't lake the odds it might be a hoax or call for attentio
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attention. >> i just couldn't send him that day. god forbid. 80 percent of me thought oh, nothing is going to happen but i just wasn't sure and i just how could you live with yourself if something had. >>reporter: she says it certainly didn't read like a hoax. graffiti found on girl bathroom wall on march 11 ready hate everyone at this school. watch me shoot everyone on march 14. i swear to god. >> i know i called that morning and i let them know that liam would not be in due to the threat and i never got a true app situation letter. >>reporter: many parents did. especially those who did not cull to tell the school the child would be absent. school district tells us it only recognizes things like illness as valid reason for absence. she pulled her daughter out of school after hearing the class were his almost empty on the 14th. shells received a notice in the mail from the school. >> it was marked truant so we will fix that and call them in because we know the date. >>reporter: students like aaron tell us that the fear of those days seems to be over.
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>> it was tense the weak after but now it's pretty, it's calming down now. >>reporter: we spoke with police who say they haven't found the person who actually wrote down that graffiti but investigators are still on the case and police have stepped up patrols around the schools. in pleasanton, thomas, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news has learned the people killed in yesterday terrible fiery crash on interstate 80 were from petaluma. crash happened when big rig driver john sack claims he choked on his food and passed out behind the wheel near old davis road in davis. the truck then hit 2 cars crashed through the freeway center divide and then hit a bmw head on killing both occupants. they have been identified as 76-year-old fang and his 74-year-old wife. >> it has been very emotional day forest bay cup whole lost a daughter in a tragic military base shooting last week in virginia. delta plane carried
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the casket of lance corporal sarah castro and landed at oakland international airport this afternoon. group of military veterans escorted her body to her home in the oakley area. 19-year-old pa arena was one of 2 marines killed by a fellow marine last week at base in quantico in northern virginia. gunman sergeant lopez is from pacifica. well in oakland police complained that the radio were not working properly and now we know why. abc 7 news has learned that an independent report confirms that cell towers are the culprit. reporter vick lee has the story seen only on 7 news. >> the problem surrounding oakland police radio were magnified last july. the day president obama appeared at oakland fox theater. large contingent of police were outside to handle problems that could arise from protestors. many of the officers said they had trouble communicating on the 2 way radios. there had been numerous complaints before about the glitches of the new
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radio system which had just been installed in 2011, the year before. it had been riddled with inference and glitches right from the start. barry heads the police officer association. >> basically try to key the mike and doesn't work for variety of different reasons. and you never know the time or place when that is going to actually breakdown. >>reporter: this report confirms what an internal city investigation found a month after the president visit. that cell sites were affecting the city public safety radio system. that the signal were bleeding into radio channel causing sporadic inference. as of two months ago, 43 cell sites have been tested. a little over half of them were resolved. most were at&t towers. donlin says communication may have improved but his officers still have no confidence in the system. there was another failure wednesday night. >> once again the system went down. specifically on the
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eastern end of our city. the system wasn't working for few minutes. again. >>reporter: city council member is encouraged that there has been progress. >> the system is working better than it was before but the fact that we are still having failure of this magnitude is just not acceptable. >>reporter: this memo says over all reports of trouble from the field dropped 85 percent after many of the cell towers were modified. p o a and council member shaft believe oakland ought to look into the regional radio system that could could county and alameda county use. vick lee, abc 7 news. 2 bay area scientist have been charged with defrauding 2 government agencies of more than 1 million dollars. 52-year-old and 42-year-old men here in indicted today on wire fraud. prosecutors say they used the company at last signtive toybing get grants from both nasa and the national science foundation for the same project. they never revealed
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that they were already getting duplicate funding. >> young woman claimed she was raped on the campus of uc santa cruz. first took back the story admitting it was a hoax. well now we have learned that morgan triplet hired a man to beat her up. according to the santa cruz sentinel prosecutors say she solicited the man on craig list and in exchange for sex asked to be attacked badly enough to generate a police report for some reason. triplet could get 6 month ins jail if convicted of filing a false police report. >> well there's been a plea deal in the road rain case involving santa cruz driver accused of chasing down a bicyclist on golf course last august. 82-year-old harry smith pleaded no contest to charges of assault with a deadly weapon hit-and-run and driving on suspended license. now in exchange sonoma county district attorney agreed to drop an attempted murder charg charge. smith may get 8 years in prison for chasing the bicyclist on to golf course and then rear ending him.
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>> all right. santa cruz. people there are bracing for long dry summer because of historically low precipitation over the winter. city water officials proposing restriction on non-essential water use from may until october. it means no water lawn during daytime hour hours. even regular letting restaurants serving water to customers. long time residents have an idea what to expect because they have been through this before. >> we went through it in the 70's and 80's and yes. it's just kind of ongoing thing here. >> if we have to restrict, fin fine. but things are going to die. we will see a lot of brown lawns again which we did back in those years. >>reporter: estimated the restriction from may through october could save 100 million gallons of water. >> talking about water restriction. spencer is here with a look at the weekend weather. >> [ no audio] okay. spencer
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said weekend forecast coming u up. good chance of some rain later. also ahead. ht outlook for finding a job in californi california. it is improving. we take you to one place in the bay area where there have been actively looking for new recruits. >> how much facebook founder zuckerberg owes the irs. you think you have problems. >> tiny door something out of alice in wonderland. it's captivating imagination of a lot of people. we show where [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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>> food and drug administration says it has approved a first of its kind diabetes drug. uses new method to lower blood sugar for adults with type 2 diabete diabetes. type 2 effects about 26 million americans. so a lot of people drug works by blocking reabsorption of sugar by the kidney. older drug work by decreasing the amount of sugar absorbed from food and then stored in the liver. >> to the economy. jobs picture in california is showing new signs of improvement tonight. unemployment rate fell to 9.6 percent in february. when 41,000 jobs were added to business payroll around california. breakdown of the nine county bay area shows that while the south bay gained 2300 jobs the east bay lost 2600 and
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san francisco marin san mateo region lost 2900 jobs. solana county now has been area highest unemployment rate 9.3 percent followed by contra costa county, alameda, santa clara, san francisco, san mateo and marin counties in that order. 5.4 percent the lowest anywhere in the state which is in marin. >> well in san francisco sign that one sector of the economy is booming these days. 7 news reporter reports from the game developer conference where the words now hiring are everywher everywhere. >> between the sounds of gunfire and young women with light saber more serious purpose for some of the 22,000 here game developer conference. >> i graduated a week ago so trying to get work. so i can pay off my student loan. >> finding a job in the industry that brings fantasy character to life and turns couch potatoes into super hero. may sound tough until you see all of this. >> really cost feel like opportunity like just right there.
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>> career pavilion packed with company lake microsoft and sony looking for razor sharp professional and yes even student. >> this is the wire frame for any game. this is the action shot. >> college senior has been getting a lot of attention for her portfolio. >> i learn so much. every company has something different to say and offer. >> season pro se the career pavilion the biggest and busiest it has ever been. >> more company in the business now than ever and it is diverse finding. >> experts say the explosive growth partly because games are recession proof. hour for hour one of the cheapest forms of entertainment. but also another reason. turns out more people are playing video games than ever before. >> gamer are hanging on longer. used to be that guy would hit 30 and have family responsibility and say i need to give up my toys. but now actually the average gamer is 30 years old and men and women are playing games. >> spokesman cole says in part that's because games have gotten more interesting. not just about somewhating or
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jumping any more. technology has let them become more lake interactive movies or cartoons. all new players mean one thing. >> looking for artist. producers. engineers and software guys. pretty much you name it and looking for that sort of person. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> largest seasonal employers in the south by opened the gates today. last month great america theme park in santa clara was trying to fill 2500 jobs. this comes as the leisure hospitality sector is booming. 1600 new jobs were created in santa clara county in january alone. >> well facebook ceo zuckerberg doesn't need a job but there's dip in petty cash soon. facing a huge tax by. he's opened expected to owe 1 billion dollars for 2012. the bill stems from the sdoytion exercise stock option and buy more than 60 million facebook shares when the company went public. now even though we don't know exactly what he will owe it's known the irs will treat his stock options as
9:19 pm
income which translates roughly to 2 billion dollars. and cents. zuckerberg tax rate close to 50 pevrments you can do the math. he should owe about 1 billion dollars. but cry me a riverç. he will be okay. >> like in a position to owe 1 billion dollars. >> plenty left over. >> exactly that's right. that's right. well weather is lacking pretty good for now but we have some written coming our way. showers for part of the weekend. look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see the areas of clouds have begun to push in from the coast out over inland areas. partly clear and moisture in the clouds with no precipitation in the bay area right now. how about the warmth whether he today. sampling of today high pressur pressure. high up to 80 degrees at gilroy today. numerous upper 70's. 78 at sap jose and redwood city and 79 at napa and santa rosa and topped out at 82 at los gatos. on we go. to current conditions. looking live from our high definition sutro
9:20 pm
camera out over san francisco under partly cloudy skies. 52 degrees right now in san francisco. 60 in oakland. 63 in san jose. another live view from the high definition south beach camera. downtown san francisco looking along the bay bridge. we have temperature readings right now of 58 degrees in santa rosa. 60 in nap a.62 in livermore and in fairfield. here's look at our forecast feature. we can expect fog extending out over the bay tonight. that has begun already to happen. mild conditions again tomorrow with chance of widely scattered showers. showers are more likely and more wide spread on sunday easter sunday so it could be sort of a wet day. here's our satellite image. see the big low pressure system well offshore at least the center of it is. circulation bringing this very mild air up that the bay area throughout the day that the evening hours. that center of that low is headed directly at the bay area and likely to produce some showers over the weekend. forecast animation 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. at that point wide spread clouds maybe even a spot or 2 of light
9:21 pm
shower activity. most of whatever showers develop tomorrow are expected to be really, really light. we get into the over tonight hours tomorrow sunday morning we can expect more wide spread shower showers. maybe even locally heavy downpour and through the day on sunday even into the evening hours showers will tip. wet easter sunday by 11:00 o'clock sunday night rainfall total may reach as high as 1 inch of the north bay tenth inch and a half inch over the central part of the bay area and south bay. so this will not be a big rain producer but wet throughout much of the day on sunday. over nature tonight no wet weather expected. see some cloud. see some fog near the coast and out over the bay. low mainly in the low 50's. then tomorrow another mild day despite the presence of clouds and threat of some widely scattered showers. high reach that the upper 70's low 70's in the south bay. upper 70's about 70 on the peninsula. low to mid 60's on the coast pretty mild. 65 degrees downtown san francisco. we'll see upper 60's in the north bay valley. mid 60's mid upper 60's
9:22 pm
actually east bay. 68 oakland. san leandro. low 70's in the inland east bay and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. showers on sunday. tapering off early monday giving way to partly cloudy skies monday tuesday and wednesday but april showers are likely to fall again on thursday and friday. we need the april showers so let's not chagrinned about that. >> cast aaspersion is that that either. >> precipitation. >> we'll move on. coming up >> we[ male announcer ]ng up citibank's app for ipad
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> in oakland mayor kwan and a's manager melvin kicked off
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first ever oakland a's spirit week. display add flag fly over historic tribune tower first week of the season. others spirit event include green gold lights shining in front of city hall and at the oakland international airport. defending western division champ open the season monday against seattle at coliseum at home this weekend best chance to see the best free style skiers anywhere in the world. and it won't cost awe penny. event is the u.s. free championship at heavenly mountain resort. they sent us video of the event. weekend can competition taking place at the bottom of a mountain so all you have to do is park and walk up to see the skiing for free. >> free style competition is really right down our alley. it's our sweet spot. definitely going after that high energy youngester audience and it's going to be a party here tomorrow night on saturday. we have the aerial. start about 6:00 o'clock. concert before. concert after. we have fireworks out there.
9:27 pm
many olympic hopeful will be among those performing mogul, aerial and dual mogul. should be a lot of fun up there this weekend. >> what is life like for a squid you might ask? stanford biologist strapped national geographic cam on squid off the california coast to see how they behave. some of the findings from his decade long research the squid flic flicker. communicate with red and white flashes. while the species squid prefers to fwlid around the ocean it also has incredible burst of speed reaching 45 miles an hour under water. that makes them among the fastest creatures in the ocean. scientist say ocean warming has caused humboldt squid to migrate from peru to northern california. small door in tree is drawing crowds of curious people in san francisco golden gate park. kind of like something out of alice in wonderland. check this out miniature door at the base of the tree concourse of the park near the museum in the academy of scientist. visitors
9:28 pm
placing notes inside hoping that they will be read by whoever lives in the hole. >> many want privacy. spotted a home. maybe make him a mailbox or something. like children. like elves and gnome and butterfly. we like everything thaten kurnls people to have a good time so i think we are probably just leave it. >> why not. kids are loving it. >> if looking for something to do this easter wean the mystery of the door and tree might be worth investigating. thought we would pass it along. more to bring you tonight on 7 news at 9 coming up next. latest threat to the west coast from north korea and why you can't expect china to take drastic steps to end it. >> as the war winds down a new general moves in to oversee afghanistan. tonight he talks about the biggest worry. >> fast-food war heat up. this time not about burgers. coming up. leaked memo. competition and the new target audience. >> also latest way to bank with
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confidence and sleep soundly at mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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>> good evening once again. begin this half hour with north korea. and new and provocative move by yang. untested young and mysterious lieder is ordering preparation for an attack on the united states and on south korea. political reporter mark matthews on the east ka oscillating tension. >> just the past couple weeks north korea kim has cut hot lines to the south. ordered his army to prepare for war and threaten missile attack on the united states in south korea. former defense secretary panetta says decisions made by the young north korea leader
9:33 pm
has erra at one point reach outo see some way to negotiate our issues. and then suddenly he flips around. conduct this test on icbm and do the test on potential nuclear weapon and then they start talking about attacking the united states. attacking south korea. >>reporter: north korea state run media published this picture of him of attack plans on a board behind him. that in direct rae response to the u.s. sending a pair of pwchl b-2 bombers on practice mission part of joint military exercise with south korea. joint chiefs chairman martin democracy. >> those exercises are mostly to assure our allies that they can count on us to be prepared and to help them deter conflict. >> we will unequivocally defend and we are unequivocally committed to that alliance with south korea and we will be
9:34 pm
prepared. >>reporter: first time in a listening time the u.s. and china have joined forces to pressure north korea voting in january on un resolution tightening economic sanctions. >> you have the resolution. ever see china cutting off feud food and fuel? >> i don't think they will cut off food and fuel because i don't think they just want to let him float out there. >>reporter: panetta says the fear north korea could become even more isolated and dangerous. >> i think china has continue to put pressure on them. but as always the only way you can do that is to try to lean on the leadership to sit down and work through the issues. today china calls for a deescalation of tension on the korean peninsula. at the same time signal that it will not directly intervene to restrain north korea. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> right now to afghanistan. new study out of harvard estimates that iraq and afghanistan together will be
9:35 pm
the most expensive wars in u.s. history costing 6 trillion collars including care for veterans when they come home. tonight abc news reporter martha in afghanistan with the general who will guide america exit. >> i have traveled thousands of miles with almost every commanding general here over the years. all trying to win this war. but this trip across afghanistan was different. unlike others general joseph is charged with ending america longest war. while so many wonder why we are still here, the view from our osprey with nrir for protection from missile fire is a remind they are much work still needs to be done. what are we diagnose here. >> we are working on the afghan national security forces. developing capability to provide security hereinafter stan. >>reporter: they are not ready yet. >> they are not ready yet. >>reporter: not ready now. but he's confident that by the end of 2014 when america come
9:36 pm
about the role here ends they will be. what does that look like? we saw it today at the remote combat out post in southern afghanistan. that has seen some of the toughest fighting in the war. afghan security forces today officially took over. more than 120 u.s. soldiers who have vacated in recent days helped turn this district around. but not without a price. >> then some very sad rae min minder of losses hivrment first guy going home. >> yes, sir. >> take care. >>reporter: what worries you most about this place. >> lack of confidence in the uncertainty that felt by the after again people. i think the taliban will attempt to federal those fears of the people about the post 2014 environment. >>reporter: which is why despite his growing confidence in the afghan forces, general believes americans will be needed to stay behind here to ensure the gains and sacrifices
9:37 pm
of the past 11 plus years are not lost. martha, abc news, afghanistan. >> fall out from the banking crisis in cypress. shipping containers stacked up at the dock because nobody is sure workers will get paid. bank open yesterday but suppliers only want cash. that means store shelves are emptying out. some stores are staying close closed. now leaders european union say it may spread to other countries. >> what a waste. whatever happened it may happen again. >>reporter: people are stock piling goods. everyone hoar hoarding cash. government insist the financial system will soon return to normal. >> with the financial uncertainty throughout europe it was only a matter of time before someone found a way to capitolize on it. last year it was spain that was uneasy that's when entrepreneur came up with the mattress safe. this is video provided by the company. mattress outfitted
9:38 pm
with a safety deposit box. novel update to old idea. >> stay with us. coming. pop >> stay with us. coming. pop already radio show hangs up the
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9:41 pm
>> after 21 years npr talk of the nation is going off the ai air. member stations thought the call in format had grown stale. want something newsy. the new show starts july 1st and npr says host neal and all the show staffers offered different jobs at the network. >> the burger wars are once again sizzling and this time the focus is not ground beef. mcdonald's is taking aim at its competitors with an aggressive new campaign brand new product and the goal of stealing customers away from what has become the biggest rival.
9:42 pm
story tonight from abc news reporter lindsay davis. >> hamburger very clever and very sneaky. >> mcdonald's trying to take a bite out of its biggest competitor business strategy. not burger king that is trying to knock off the thrown. or nemesis wendy. >> subway something for everyone. >>reporter: according to internal memo leaked this week the thrust of the golden arch latest campaign taking a stab at out freshing subway and all thanks to the latest addition to the menu. mack wrap. >> they called it a subway buster in the memo. >>reporter: starting april first they add 3 varieties of chicken sandwich wrap to the menu. internal memo obtained by advertising age mcdonald's sites currently not in the top 10 of customer primarily ages 18 to 32 favorite restaurants. mcdonald's sales dropped late last year first time since 200
9:43 pm
2003. so these 3 new varieties of chicken wraps are mcdonald's attempt to appeal to the health conscious young and have them yelling i'm loving it again. >> we are dealing with a generation that is more concerned about their health. more concerned about food quality. and they really like choice and custom. >>reporter: in new video rae leased this week mcdonald's show cases novak making his own wrap. first attempt at slam dunk or at least scoring big against the fast-food chain already surpassed mcdonald's in the number of location. this is abc news new york. >> more on this. mcdonald's says if they didn't offer the wrap the data shows that 22 percent of the customers would head over to safeway. by the way mcdonald's not the only company worrying about attrac attracting these people. coke gator aide trouble capturing the attention and pocket book of that group. the generation in the united states is represented by roughly 60
9:44 pm
million people. >> coming up next. assignment 7. fate of the calf condor. survived major pesticide scare but can it survive the gun but can[ female announcer ] safeway presents
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9:48 pm
skies. maybe few light scattered showers but most of the bay area probably not see showers tomorrow. high range from mid upper ask is to low 70's around the by and in our inland location and tomorrow afternoon over in oakland the a's hosting giants in game 3 of the bay bridge pre-season. baseball series game time 105. game time conditions pretty mailed. temperatures if the 60's but there is slate chance of showers could be sprinkle or 2 during the game. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast sunday easter sunday looks like it will be fairly wet day. we expect showers and maybe even thunder over the higher terrain partly cloudy dry showers return on thursday and friday. week of unceltsed spring weather. >> frankly take every drop we can get at this point. >> we need the rainfall. >> thanks very much. sports director larry off mike is here with all the action tonight. >> buster is now set for life financially. signed a contract extension today with the giant giants. mr. posey wearing the well, well, well.
9:49 pm
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>> coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11. dog rescue. firefighters jump into action in the east basement what it took to get all 10 guys out alive. millions of bees set loose after truck crash. tonight massive effort to save the insect. all ahead on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. but she was here with all the sports. lester will sleep so soundly tonight. >> i think will. everyone in the family will. i'll be his new best friend. giants extended the contract to manager bruce and general manager brian. today they made sure buster would stick around as well signing him to 9 year 167 million dollar contract. the deal is the largest in giants history and longest deal for a catcher. led the giants to 2 world series championship in the three years with the
9:53 pm
teal. last year won national league batting title come back player of the year mvp. despite missing most of 2011 with leg injury. hit 3 3624 home run and 103 rbi last year. deal also include as full no trade clause so not going anywhere. before tonight game you can imagine against the a's buster was just beaming. >> hard to put into words. knowing for the next 9 years i'll be a part of this very steroid franchise. >> get them all the tile. checked off every box you can check off and yet as brian mention he's such a humble person and great players are. they never think they have arrived as a player. always still trying to get better. >> all right bay bridge series game barry facing griffin and money hasn't quite gone to
9:54 pm
buster head. single. could have had another one. nice diving spot. led one nothing in the sixth. that's our crawford double. drove it over the head of cocoa crisp. crawford scores from second on the blank. triple game tied at 1. next batter. nick brings him home. single off griffin. triple a brought back up. very well make this roster. 3-1 in the eighth. complete highlights at 11 on abc 7. time for the cinderella story. 3 16. florida gulf coast trying to continue the handling cal run against florida in the south region. florida gulf coast fans were pumped up and team was too. full force. sherwood brown with the throw down. eagle up 11. gators close the half on 16-2 run. florida first lady of the game. second half. the lay up and foul. 33-26 florida rosario off the back of florida gulf
9:55 pm
coast player and slams it home. struck midnight for the cinderella team. on to win it and don't have the final score. get that for you at 11:00. >> michigan top seed kansas jay hawk. kansas led entire game. up and jay hawk led by 10 with 3 minutes to go. 4 seconds left. from 50 feet. ties the game at 76. go to over time. o t. michigan kept momentum going. 2 of the 25. wovlts arena up 3. down 2. live to johnson. take it to the hoop and kicks it out. for the win. no. michigan comes from way behind to upset kansas. 87-85. the final. 12 seed oregon shock people to get to the sweet 16 but ran top seed louisville. bounce past the chain. no answer for smith. 9 of 16 shooting 31 points. 1
9:56 pm
man wrecking crew. had 11. louisville moving to the elite 8. 77-69 the final. sporting a shout and michigan state faces duke. warrior fans know this name. blue definite frill downtown like older brother steff. down 2. dawson. to the tie at 35 and took over here. 6 of 9 for beyond the ark. 29 points in the game. duke wins it 71-61. women 2. stanford and cal in the sweet 16 spokane. top seed look to move on to the final 4 for the fifth straight year. get past georgia on saturday. cardinal off to slow start. first game tournament against tulsa but handle michigan on tuesday. further you go in the tournament the harder the game gets. don't expect to be kind to the opponent. >> media tends to pin us as nice girls from stanford. i don't know if it's senior
9:57 pm
leadership or sarah james like greeting us like about to punch somebody on the court. we are no longer nice girls from stanford. we take offense to a lot. stanford teams tend to be like they are offensive but not really tough but we are tough i think. >> mane while cal women made it to the sweat 16. second time in school history after south florida in overtime. they face spokane. head coach in the second best season in program. including pack 12 championship and just the second season with the team. >> i got the job i knew that certainly it wasn't a broken situation at all. coming off kind of a rough year but felt it was a matter of the pieces are here and getting everyone on the same page and clicking and to the point where we are playing basketball elite level. >> both the games set for saturday. raiders new man behind center next season according to the nfl network. seahawks agree to trade quarterback to the silver and black for commentary draft
9:58 pm
pick. new 5 million a season signing 3 year deal with seattle before the 2012 year. but lost the job to wilson. he was back up to packer quarterback rodgers when raiders gm was there. flynn coming in raiders likely release carson palmer due 13 million this year but trophy restructure the contract. not sure it was good move for car sochbility 8 to continue million and take the money. now 2 to 3 million as back up. good arm. >> he does. good player. thanks very much. >> finally here. interesting report california condor is perched on the edge of recovery tonight. just 2 decades ago remember it was nearly extinct. now the numbers are agreeing once again but new threat has emerged and in tonight assignment 7 report you will see what the single largest killer of condor is. and how it can be stopped. >> california condor is the largest land bird in north america. adult can weigh as much as 31 pounds. stand as
9:59 pm
tall as 4 and a half feet with a wing span up to continue fee feet. thousands of these great birds once called california home but now banned pesticide ddt destroyed condor egg and the birds almost disappeared. >> population all time low is 22 birds in 1982. >>reporter: kelly is with the wild life society last 15 years they have been working to return the california condor to the wild. in 2011 the society bought 80 acres south of big sur to provide a safe home for the condors. the birds come from captive breeding programs at the los angeles and san diego zoo. >> we bred condor raised in the zoo. for the wild. >>reporter: it's a slow process. con democrats and republicans don't lay egg until they are 5 years old. and if they live to stay 25 they may 6 egg in the time. today nearly 70 condor living on the big sur

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